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Open Pit

The open pit includes the following subunits: a parking area for heavy trucks, truck repair and maintenance section, washing station with complete safe wastewater disposal system, filling station with fuel storage tanks, oil and lubricant station, dormitories, spare parts and machinery store, drinking water reservoirs and clean water reservoirs for technical purposes, etc. A road links the open pit area with the processing plant. This road is 26 meters wide and 2.8 km long.

The open pit covers an area of 1,300m by 1,110m to a depth of 280m, alienated land area 76.7 ha. Side slopes are from 35° to 40° at a bench height of 10m. The slope angle in working area is at 70° and at 55° in the final position. The minimum width of the work area is 30 to 40 meters.