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Tailings Dam

A closed water circulation system was introduced and constructed at the mining complex to prevent the environment from any harmful industrial water spillage.

The main elements of the tailings system are a tailings pipeline, tailings dam and a pond.

The tailings dam is situated at a distance of 1.0 to 1.2 km from the processing plant. The tailings dam gets fed in slurry. The maximum storage capacity of the dam is 28.4 million cu. m (40 million tons). To ensure the primary tailings dam will be able to comply with the initial tailings volume, the dam wall was built on a stone base, the upper layer of which consists of a double-layer reverse filter construction. Clear water will filter to the pond through a clear water collector.

The length of the tailings pipeline is 1,045m. Because of the difference in levels between the processing plant and the tailings dam, the tailings dam has a gravity feed.

The pond is located downstream the tailings dam. Clear water supplied from the collector towers and water soaking through the primary dam wall accumulate in the pond. Additional cleaning by settling takes place in the pond. Pond water is fed to the recycling water pump station by means of a well and pumped back to the plant.